We’re champions for local business.

We believe our communities thrive when we strengthen relationships with the shops, restaurants, and service providers that support and enhance our daily lives.

Digital marketing is broken.

Social media is too noisy. Google has too many ads. Yelp can be mean. They weren’t built to serve your needs. HeyNearby is purpose-built for you.

We keep it simple.

We think it’s possible to make the complex simple and the simple effective. Our product is built so that you can get in, out, and back to work.


We’re going for win-win-win.

We’re here to create value all around. We’re only successful when your customers are happy and your business is healthy. If you’re not winning, call us on it.

We’re still human.

We’re here because we care. We find purpose and meaning when our collective creativity, collaboration, technical skills, brainpower, and grit deliver an amazing product experience.

We’re grateful.

We owe a big thank you to every member of our community. We’re committed to our customers, our product, and our team. We’re honored to be building this with you.

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