How do I upload my business logo?

We display your logo as a square image. So it's best if you can crop or design your logo as a square image. Once you have an image, you can select that file on your computer and click "Open."

If you don’t have a logo or picture you want to use, you can always choose an image from Unsplash to use as your own. Click on "Unsplash" and follow the instructions. 

Business Address:

Once you’ve verified your business, you can edit your address as necessary. If you don’t have a physical address, you can check the box “No physical location” and customers will simply see “Serving (the city you list).”

Business Phone:

You can change your business phone number after you’ve verified your business. For one-time verification, we will call the business phone number listed by Google.


Include your website or another relevant web address if you’d like (I.e. Facebook Page, Shopify store, or other).

Business hours:

Let customers know when you’re open. You can indicate if you close in the middle of the day. Be sure to check the days you’re closed.

About Us:

Tell everyone what you do and why you’re special. A sentence or two will do.


Keywords help people find you! Think about what terms they use to search for you: your category, your specialties, your brands and offerings. You don’t have to include your name as that’s always included in searches.

Verify my business:

We hate extra steps but just this once, we call your listed business phone to make sure there are no bad actors claiming to be you. When you tap the “Call now” button, we’ll place an automated call to your business and give you a 4-digit code to enter on your profile page. Make sure you or a colleague can answer the phone to receive the code. If you miss the call, you can click "Call again" to receive a new verification code. If you’re not at work, you can save your profile and perform the verification step when convenient.