Let's start by saying...

We never sell your data to third parties or leak your activity through ads. In fact, unlike the vast majority of publishers and apps, we don't have ads. We also don't share your email address or phone number with anyone. 

Why do you need my email and phone number?

We simply use your email and phone number to verify identity when necessary. We're all about building community with friends and businesses in your town. It's easiest to build trust and relationships when there is transparency and not anonymity.

Do you share my email or phone number?

We never share your email or phone number. Merchants on HeyNearby can never get access to users' emails or phone numbers. If they are able to reach you, it's likely you provided your contact information to them as a past customer because they can't see any of that information via HeyNearby. We do allow merchants to upload their own customer email lists to HeyNearby so they can invite customers to favorite them. 

What personal information is shown in the app?

When you use the app, your name and profile pic can be seen in the app feeds. So when you give a your favorite restaurant kudos for quick service, great atmosphere, and a friendly staff, the feed will share that with the town. Other actions that may show up include: following friends, sharing and pinning blasts, and achieving badges and levels. 

What happens when I connect with friends or people follow me?

As this is an app for your town, we've built features that allow you to invite, follow, and connect with friends in town. Part of the fun in connecting with friends is seeing their favorites and what blasts interest them. Just as we rely on word of mouth to find great food, shops, and service providers, you can easily browse your friends' Favorites to get similar recommendations with HeyNearby.

You can also take our Favorites Quiz to see your friends' answers to the same questions. What's everyone's favorite Mexican restaurant? Where do they go for haircuts? Anyone use a particular plumber? It might all be there on their Favorites list. Or they might find the thing they need on your list!

What if some businesses are my well-kept secret?

So your Favorites list is discoverable in your town. We can't think of too many businesses that you might think about keeping off your Favorites list but there might be some: personal care services, therapists, or certain healthcare providers. We get it, but we also know that businesses generally depend on word of mouth and for that reason, we hope you'll Favorite those local businesses and professionals that serve your needs and enhance your life. 

How does HeyNearby use location data?

When you are using the app, it checks your geolocation so that it only displays/searches for businesses and blasts within a set number of miles of your location. We do not track or record your location when you use the app.

Last question... what is shared when I choose to sign up/log in with my Facebook account?

We have to agree that signing up with your Facebook credentials is handy since most people have Facebook accounts. We're aware of the recent controversy over Facebook's sharing of personal data. If you choose to sign up through the Facebook button, the only information that we ever request is your name, email address, and profile picture. It's the same information that we ask for when users sign up without Facebook. We have never asked for Friend's lists or other user information from Facebook.