Who can I invite?

You can invite customers and friends with whom you can connect and share favorites. You can also earn rewards by inviting local businesses that would benefit by being on HeyNearby (and let’s be serious...everyone should be on HeyNearby). You just need to know a phone number or email to invite them.

How do I invite users/customers?

For customers, just go to the Friends page in the mobile app and tap the + icon. It’s easiest to invite by text message. When your friend signs up, you should be automatically connected.

For Merchants, go to the Invite button in the merchant web app. You can upload your customers’ emails by CSV file (link) and invite all of them in one step. Or just invite individually by email. The great thing is that when they sign up via invite, you will automatically be favorited by them.

How do I invite merchants and earn rewards?

If you’re a merchant, you can go to the Invite tab while logged into your business account to invite fellow merchants. For every referral that signs up for a paid plan, you’ll earn credit for one free month. You’ll also earn fun HeyNearby merchandise at key milestones.

If you’re a customer, you can also earn fun HeyNearby gear by referring businesses that you know. Go to our website and tap on the Referrals link at the bottom of any page.