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What is a blast?

A Blast is what connects your local businesses to your customers. The format is simple: upload or find a great image, write a short headline and any other details. Your customers will immediately receive your Blast as a push notification.

Why send a blast?

Having a sale or deal? Want to share the latest news or updates for your business? Hosting an event? No matter what you want to share, sending Blasts is flexible for anything you want to share with your customers.

How are Blasts different from social media posts?  

People don’t use Facebook to discover or find local businesses. They use Facebook to connect with friends and family. Anything else is getting in the way for them.

But my customers already Like and Follow me!

Sure, but you may not realize that only 2-5% of your followers will typically see your posts. There are just too many posts on social media meaning everyone’s organic reach (number of people who see your posts) keeps dropping every year.

Facebook and Instagram decide which of your posts are shown and to whom while also encouraging you to advertise instead. It’s a great business model for them, but ads are what users are trying to scroll past. Don’t be an ad!


Blast off!

When you launch your Blast, your local customers will immediately receive a push notification. They can then save your Blast and share it with other friends in town!


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