Why is favoriting so important?

When a customer favorites a merchant, a direct connection is established. If a customer has favorited a business, it means that they will instantly receive every Blast that a merchant sends out. Whether it's a blast to the entire community or just to your followers, they'll get a push notification that the Blast is waiting in their Favorites feed. There's no algorithm deciding that they won't see a Blast. If they favorite your business, it will be there waiting for them.

With our forthcoming messaging service, merchants will also be able to message with those customers who reach out to them or favorite them.

How do I get customers to favorite me?

Putting out awesome Blasts is a great way to get new followers. When they see exciting events or updates from your business, they want to ensure that they don't miss future Blasts by favoriting you. One simple way to garner more followers is to invite them en masse through our Invite function. Upload a CSV file of your customers and their emails, and we'll invite them with one click of the mouse. Click here to find out how to invite customers to join HeyNearby. When they join, you will automatically be added to their favorites!