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HeyNearby allows you to easily send and receive messages from everyone in the Davis community. It's quick, fun, effective, and free for your business or organization.


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"There’s a reason we all message. It’s faster, easier, and less disruptive than phone calls - for us and our customers."
-Josh, Armadillo Music


"I am always on the move. Being able to use HeyNearby on my phone, tablet and computer means I never miss an order, whether in the kitchen, on a delivery, or at home!"
-Alyssa, Let Them Eat Cake


"With HeyNearby, we don’t have to always compete on Google or social media to reach our customers here in Davis."
-Stephen, The Good Scoop


"Customers want convenience these days. With HeyNearby, we are able to give personal service through a mobile app."
-Jeff, Freewheeler Bicycle Center


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