What in tarnation is a CSV file?!

What in tarnation is a CSV file?!

It’s essentially an Excel spreadsheet turned into a “comma-separated file” (CSV) for easy database ingestion. You should be able to download an Excel or CSV file from whichever email, CRM, or POS system you use to keep customer contacts.

Before you can import your customer emails via CSV file into your HeyNearby merchant account, there are several important details you will need to check to ensure best results. The following guide will walk you through how to properly format a customer CSV file for successful upload!

Step 1: Duplicate your existing CSV

You may first need to change minor naming and formatting. Because of this, we recommend you create a duplicate of your CSV file before moving on to the following steps. This will prevent any formatting mistakes in your original file.

Step 2: Name your columns

Before you start your import, you will need to review the name of each column in your file. We require the following four columns in this order: email, first, last, phone. NOTE: column titles should all be in lowercase.

Step 3: Check your formatting

To make sure your customer information displays correctly in HeyNearby, the text in each row under your columns must be in the following formats.

  • Emails: Include no more than one address per customer. Not case-sensitive.
  • First Name: If these rows have names, you’re good to go! If one of your rows has no text, it will just be empty in your HeyNearby list. That’s okay.
  • Last Name: Same as the above ;)
  • Phone: Phone numbers are optional. Ideally, area codes are included. The system will ignore parentheses and dashes so don’t worry about them.


Step 4: Start your import

Have you successfully followed the above steps? If so, you’re ready to begin your HeyNearby CSV import! Just click the “Import” button! You’ll see your list appear on your Customers page after upload. If any row has an error, it shouldn’t affect the other rows.

Step 5: Invite your customers

Now that they’re all in your HeyNearby account, you can send an invite email to all of them with one click. Your email will include a deeplink to your business so that you are the first business they see when they open the HeyNearby app. You can see a sample email here.

Want to see an example of proper formatting? Download this CSV >

Having trouble importing your CVS? Contact us for assistance >