What are kudos at HeyNearby?

We know what it's like to have a 4 or 5-star-rated business, but like you, we've suffered long under the threat of bad reviews at Yelp. As hard as we worked and as pleasant as we were and as fair as we tried to be, we could never be perfect. 

What's more? It's hard to be all things to all people. Whole Foods is going to tick some people off with their prices. Some person is going to want that Groupon deal every time they come in (even if you only tried it once 5 years ago and never again!). And someone will be upset that they can't return the leopard-print leather miniskirt that they bought 10 years ago at your store.

So there you go, it's hard to please everyone. Even if you are full of integrity, completely professional, and amazing in every other way.  

So let's do away with negative reviews and focus on the positive. That's where kudos come in. Customers love what you're doing? Love your products and their latest purchase?  Love your wit when text messaging with them? Love your customer service? That deserves a kudo! 

Customers can send you kudos in your conversations with them (there's a kudos button in the app). You'll see the kudos and hear the applause when they send a kudo. 

There's only so many kudos a customer can hand out in a day so they're designed to be special. Customers just tap the kudos icon in the app to send you one and your kudos total gets a bump in your profile. You can earn some by getting started as well (i.e. send your first blast, send some invites). We'll track them. You'll see them when you or your staff receive them. And all the world will rejoice.  

Let's leave the hating on Yelp and earn some kudos instead!