What is a blast?

Local businesses send out blasts to connect with everyone in town. The blast format is simple: a great image, a short headline, and clear details.

Why send a blast?

Use them to share the latest news or updates for your business. Call attention to an exciting sale or deal. Let the community know when you have an upcoming event. The blast is flexible for anything you want your customers to see.

How is this different from social media?  

People don’t use Facebook to discover or find local businesses. They use Facebook to connect with friends and family. Anything else is getting in the way for them. 

But my customers Like and follow me.

Sure, but realize that only 2-5% of your followers will typically see your posts. There are just too many posts on social media meaning everyone’s organic reach (number of people who see your posts) keeps dropping every year.

So Facebook and Instagram decide which of your posts are shown and to whom while also encouraging you to advertise instead. It’s a great business model for them, but ads are what users are trying to scroll past. Don’t be an ad.

So a blast is like a Facebook post?

You’ll probably recognize the similarities but there are differences. We don’t think you need to post nearly as much as they prescribe on social media. This isn't a contest. You don’t need to post many times a day to keep your followers “engaged." People use HeyNearby to follow their favorite local businesses and discover what's new in town. They use social media to check out friends' selfies, vacation photos, and cat videos. 

Community blast or Follower blast?

Blasts always have the same format, but you can choose WHO sees your blast. If it’s something you want the whole world to see, then you create a Community blast. But sometimes you want to share something just with your followers. Maybe you want to try a flash sale or insider deal for your most loyal customers. Then you would just click “Send to Followers” and you’ve created a Followers blast. You can always send an unlimited number of follower blasts.