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Meet Norman.

You may have seen a little blue Monster around Davis this summer. Meet Norman the Monster. Since moving to town, he has made it his mission to seek out and share the coolest of what our great town has to offer.

So Norman gathered a team of monsters and humans to build an app. (Yes, even monsters can build apps.)

Thus HeyNearby was born...



What can you do with HeyNearby?


Get the insider deals and news right from your favorite Davis businesses.

Be the first of your friends to get the coolest insider deals, flash sales and news from around town! Straight from the businesses you favorite. This isn't your grandmother's coupon book.

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Be part of awesome contests.

Who doesn't love to win? Maybe it will be a gift card lottery. Or a secret deal or flash sale. Trivia or a treasure hunt? Maybe something crazier! Norman loves giving things away - gift cards, t-shirts, stickers, and plenty more. Maybe winning IS everything.



Hang up the phone and just message!

Calling makes Norman grumpy, which is why he built a messenger that allows you to instantly say "Hey!" to your favorite businesses. Have a question? Want to place an order? Schedule an appointment? With HeyNearby, you actually can.


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Discover and explore the coolest places and experiences in Davis.

Whether you're new to Davis or a long-time resident, chances are you're missing out on lots of cool people, places, and experiences around town. Luckily, Norman has got the low-down to help you discover the very best of life and community in Davis.


Download HeyNearby now and send Norman a message!


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